Ahmed Bayoumi, MD

Ahmed is a research associate at the Yale Department of Neurology, Movement Disorders Division. He graduated from the School of Medicine, Alexandria University. Early during his preclinical years he developed deep interest in neuroscience and its complex concepts. He pursued a residency in neurology in Alexandria, which further cemented his passion for neurosciences and its clinical aspects. During his residency he worked on creating a registry of the patients enrolled at the multiple sclerosis unit, in an effort to standardize follow-ups and organizing medical records data for possible research projects. Currently he is also part of Yale’s sleep lab research team looking into restless leg syndrome and other sleep disorders. During his free time he enjoys baking, sketching, listening to music and reading.

Yale Clinical Neurosciences Imaging Center (CNIC)

Clinic Building

789 Howard Avenue,  6th floor 
New Haven, CT 06519